SOS Children’s Villages worldwide

Yes, we are in the “running” for something good! And we prove it year after year!

Since 2011, the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide have been the official charity partner of the METRO Marathon Düsseldorf. Within the framework of this sustainable partnership, runners use their sporting enthusiasm for a good cause.

This year, too, every donation will benefit the varied projects of the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. They are active wherever children are most in need of help. In addition to numerous activities in various regions of the world, one of these aid projects is located, for example, in Latin America.

There, the SOS Children’s Villages support the refugee crisis in Mexico and Central America on a transnational basis. When escape seems the only way out of the disastrous situation at home, children and their families suffer most. In order to protect them while they are fleeing, the SOS Children’s Villages are working, among other things, to make the population and the authorities more aware of the rights of underage migrants and to improve the situation of the children in the migration centres.


What can you do?

On the SOS website or with Step-by-Step every runner can create his or her own personal charity run and collect donations for the SOS Children’s Villages together with friends, acquaintances and fans. Especially the first (or tenth) marathon is a very good occasion for a fundraising campaign. Also as a relay runner you can move a lot. With a fundraising campaign you can get all your colleagues on board, whether they run along or just donate and spur them on. Together everyone can set something in motion and give children in need a future.


What has been achieved so far?

Together we have already collected more than 30,000 € in the past years. With these donations we were able to help in a targeted way:


We have set many things in motion – a special heartfelt thank you to all who made this possible!

Here are a few impressions of previous fundraising runs.