Would you like to be part of the “METRO Marathon Düsseldorf 2021” team?

Next year we are again looking for hard-working volunteer and volunteer groups, who would like to actively support us at the METRO Marathon Düsseldorf. Sports enthusiasts have been running the 42.195 KM around Düsseldorf since 2003. In addition to the marathon and relay race, the half marathon was added last year. The Düsseldorf Metro Marathon is growing year by year. To ensure that such a big event works smoothly, the volunteer and volunteer groups are indispensable.

Further information on the areas of application and a registration form can be found on the pages volunteer information / registration and volunteer groups!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team from the rhein-marathon:
Phone: 0211 – 610 190 0
E-Mail: info@rhein-marathon.de