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important informations about your competition.

Read careful befor your start.

  •    Change of Registration Data

    Registration data can be changed online via the list of participants or on the weekend of the event at the Help Desk (Bib Number) for a change fee of € 5 euros.

    Online changes are possible for

    Relays up until March 31st 2019

    the German Championship up until April 7th 2019

    half-marathon/marathon up until April 14th 2019

  •    Confirmation of registration

    After you finished your registration a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail within three working days.

    You need the printed confirmation of the registration or the confirmation on your smartphone to get your race packet (bib number).

  •    Medals and certificates

    All participants receive a medal after reaching the finish line. The certificates can be printed online Sunday evening after 6 p.m. on our website.

    There are individual medals for every competition.

  •    Arrival

    We recommend all participants to use local public transport. The bib number is also a ticket for the local public transport on the day of event in price category A3 (region of Düsseldorf).

    Notice: As roads are closed, in some cases you will have to use the subway.

    If you arrive by car we recommend to use Park&Ride spaces (to be found here) and take then local public transport.



    Tonhalle/NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

    Station "Tonhalle/Ehrenhof"

    Finish line

    Untere Rheinwerft

    On a level with Zollstraße (streetlamp 116)

    Station "Heinrich-Heine-Allee"


  •    Diabetes-Points

    For blood glucse monitoring and to provide carbohydrates you will find special Diabetes Points at km 20.0 and 32.5

    The Diabetes Points are attended by MVZ DaVita.

  •    Disqualification

    Any disregard of the instructions of the staff and leaving the track leads to the disqualification of a runner.

  •    shower / changing rooms

    Showers and changing rooms are to be found in the area behind the finish line. Once you abandoned this area you will not be able to return

  •    Results

    Results will be published on the web site in the evening of the event

  •    First Aid / Ambulance

    First Aid will be rendered by medical aid organisations in the starting / finishing area and on the course. Our medical network is extensive. Our staff can be contacted in case of discomforts and pain and also if you notice any emergency of a fellow runner. If there is no medical personnel nearby, dial as fast as you can with a mobile phone (passers-by at the course) the emergency number.

    In case you have to abandon the race, there is a bus at the end of the field that will take you for free to the finish line or you may use the subway (also for free).

    If after the finish runners are missing, anyone worried can call our hotline until 4.30 p.m.: 0211-22 99 2801 (giving exact details as to the person and their bib number)

  •    Event-Shirt

    No matter if you ordered an event shirt beforehand or else still want to buy one: the shirt can be obtained on race weekend at the point where you pick up your race packet or, the day of the race, at the shirt stand. Shirts of the event can be bought at those stands at a price of 25 euros (in cash).

    We offer shirt sizes XS to XXL.

    The offer is valid only while stocks last.


  •    Health Care

    Participation is at your own risk.

    With the acceptance of his bib number every participant declares his acceptance of the conditions of participation and that there are no health concerns concerning his participation.

    Moreover, every participant declares that he has undergone a health check at a medical specialist within the last 3 months.

    Please use this online questionnaire about your health.

  •    Help Desk

    You will find the Help Desk from Friday to Sunday at the point where your pick up your race packet 

  •    Hotline

    The telephone hotline number ist 0211-610 190 18.


    April 21st to 25th: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

    April 26th: 7.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

    If after the finish runners are missing, anyone worried can call our hotline until 4.30 p.m.: 0211-22 99 2801 (giving exact details as to the person and their bib number)

  •    Kids-Cup

    The Kids Competition starts on April 28th at 08.30 a.m. (MINI, 2 km approx.) and at 08.45 a.m. (MAXI, 3 km approx.). More information under Kids-Cup

  •    Jubilee Club

    Jubilee Club

    If you have "finished" the "supreme discipline" in Dusseldorf for the 10th time, you will be accepted into our jubilee club. Your loyalty will be rewarded with various benefits for you (like discount on the organization fee, lifelong wish bib number, preferred physiotherapy after the race, etc.).

    But: This will not happen automatically. If you are sure that you belong to the jubilee club, please write a short email (if possible before your 10th marathon) with the subject: "Admission to the jubilee club" to info@rhein-marathon.de. We check your participation and will inform you formally about your admission to the jubilee club.

  •    Hand out of clothings bag

    The day of the event, alle participants in the marathon/half-marathon and the 4th runner of a company relay team have the opportunity to deposit their clothing bags.

    For this you have to use ONLY the clothing bags with the label to be found in the envelope.

    The place where marathon runners deliver their clothing bags is Burgplatz square.

    The place where half marathon runners and the 4th runner of the company relay team deliver their clothing bags is on the meadow at Reuterkaserne.

    Advice: Write your race number also in a legible manner on the bag.

    Note: Don't place valuable or fragile items in your clothing bag. We assume no responsibility for clothing bags deposited with us.

  •    Clothes at Start

    If you wear clothes at the start that you do not need in the race, these can be deposited in the used-clothes containers of AWISTA you will find ath the start. The clothes collected there later will be handed out to people in need

  •    KPMG Race Your Pace

    Your KPMG Race Your Pace bracelet records split times and allows good orientation during the run. You can receive the KPMG Race our Pace bracelet at the KPMG stand at the point where you race packet is handed out.

  •    Medal engraving

    If you have not ordered beforehand any medal engraving you can ask for this service on Sunday.

    Kids-Cup: EUR 5,-

    Marathon: EUR 10,-

    Halfmarathon: EUR 10,-

    Relay (Single): EUR 10,-

    Relay (all together): EUR 30,-

  •    Check-in Deadline

    Check-in Deadline for all races is March 31st 2020


  •    Late Registration and Change of Registration

    Late registration and change of registration is possible on Friday April 26th 2019 and on Saturday, April 27th 2019 at the point werde you pick up your race packet.

    Participation fee in case of late registration (marathon): EUR 95.00

    Participation fee in case of late registration (half-marathon): EUR 65.00

    Fee for change of registration: EUR 5.00

    In a relay team, names and the order of runners can be changed until April 5th 2020, 11:59:59 p.m. Afterwards changes of registration will have to be carried out at the point you pick up your race packets (change fee of EUR 5.00 for every relay team).

    Late registrations are possible as long as slots available.

    The day of the race no late registrations or change of registrations will be possible.

  •    Area behind the Finish Line

    The official area behind the finish line is Burgplatz square for marathon runners and the meadow of Reuterkaserne for participants in the half-marathon and for relay runners.

    In the areas behind the finish line you will find:

    - Showers and changing rooms

    - Catering in form of Coca Cola, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic beer), water, isotronic drinks, bananas, doughnuts and savoury biscuits

    - Beer garden

    - Deposit of clothing bags

    - First Aid Station

    In the area behind the finish line at Burgplatz square you will find additionally:

    - Physiotherapy

    - Engraving of medals

    - Info-Point

    Note: Once you abandoned the area befind the finish line you will not be able to return.





  •    Pacemaker

    Pacemakers will be available for marathon and half-marathon. They will wear special vests.

    Our partner CEP PacerTeam offers an overview of pacing times

    Pace Times

  •    Nutrition Partner - NUTRIXXION

    Nutrixxion My Energy aufgruen 002

    NUTRIXXION takes Nutrition Partnership

    NUTRIXXION just turned into new Nutrition Partnership of the Metro Marathon Düsseldorf. The German Premium Supplier of Sportsnutrition signed a 3 year contract to force its standing in the Running segment. Beeing one of the leading supplier in the segment of Cycling, Mountainbiking & Triathlon, NUTRIXXION brings a lot of knowledge to the runners as well. Well known marathons like Münster & Fürth already use products of NUTRIXXION.

     “The well positioned Metro Marathon Düsseldorf will help us to position our products to the running segment. Located so close to our headoffice in Dortmund makes it even easier to decide our commitment”, stated NUTRIXXION founder & owner Mark Claußmeyer.

  •    Physiotherapy

    This year also trainees of Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf Ausbildungszentrum Fachbereich Physiotherapie  will look after the physiotherapeutic needs of marathon runners after their race. They will apply all their skills to relief runners with specific extension and massage techniques and the subsequent use of Kinesotape. This follow-up care will be provided in the area behind the finish line of marathon runners at Burgplatz squre. 
    All marathon runners are welcome!

  •    Withdrawal

    The organisation fee is only reimbursed in case of illness.

    Important! A medical certificate has to be sent by mail to us by March 31st 2020 (receipt by post). In such a case we reserve the right to charge a fee of EUR 10.

  •    Awards ceremony

    Kids Cup

    10.00 hrs a.m. approx.

    Best female runner / Best male runner 

    from 12.15 hours in the finish area (stage)

    Times subject to change

  •    Relay sections

    The lengths of the different relay sections are as follows:

    Section 1: approx. 11.3 km

    Section 2: approx. 13.1 km

    Section 3: approx. 8.6 km

    Section 4: approx. 9.2 km


    All information are subject to change.


  •    Start

    The start can be reached easily taking the subway to the station "Tonhalle/Ehrenhof" as well as "Nordstraße", Ausgang (exit) Inselstraße




    at Tonhalle/NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

  •    starting times

    08:15 hours a.m. Half-marathon

    08:30 hours a.m. Kids-Cup (MINI)

    08:45 hours a.m. Kids-Cup (MAXI)

    09:30 hours a.m. Marathon

    10:15 hours a.m. Relays I

    10:45 hours a.m. Relays II


    Closing time of the finish line: 3:30 hours p.m. (marathon)

    Closing time of the finish line: 11:15 hours a.m. (half-marathon)

    Note: The time limite for the entire distance ist 06:00 hours


    All times are subject to change.

  •    Course

    Here you can find the course.

    A general overview of the course with all points of interest can be found here.

  •    toilets

    Toilets can be found at the start, along the course, at all food and refreshment points, at the finish and behind the finish line

  •    Food and drinks on the course

    Food points: from km 5 onwards every 5 kilometres

    Refreshment points: from km 12.5 onwards every 5 kilometres


  •    Relay Areas

    1st relay area: Fischerstraße

    2nd relay area: Steinstraße / Josephinenstraße / Blumenstraße

    3rd relay area: Jacobistraße


    The change of relay runners must not be done by hand contact, it can be done on sight. The mats registering time will allow to control the correct changes.

    Please show consideration for other participants and always leave a pathway. Follow the instructions of the safety personnel.

    Here you will find a schematic diagrama of the relay areas


    All information are subject to change.

  •    Weather

    All competitions will start at any weather condition. There will be no refund of the starting fee because of bad weather

  •    Timekeeping

    Official time keeping is done exclusively with the timing system "chronotrack". The timing chip is integrated in the starting bib and will be received when you pick up your race packet.

    Without the "chronotrack" transponder you are not allowed to participate in the race

  •    Closing time/end of listing

    Closing time of the finish line (marathon): 3:30 hours p.m.

    Closing time of the finish line (half-marathon): 11:15 hours a.m

  •    Finishing Line

    The finishing line at Untere Rheinwerft is accesible ecxlusively to marathon and half-marathon runners and the children participating in the Kids-Cup.

    For safety reasons and fairness towards all participants please bear in mind that ONLY the 4th runner of a relay time may cross the finish line, collecting all the medals of his team.

    Address: Unter Rheinuferpromenade, Höhe Schulstraße (streetlamp 116)

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